Random String Fellowships

Anna Francis’s practice examines public space and language; using forms of intervention, drawing, mapping, performance and consultation to investigate the impact that artists can have on their environments. She creates situations for herself, the public and other artists to explore places differently: often experimenting with leading and instruction by creating manuals, instructions, kits or leading guided tours.

Anna is a Director at AirSpace Gallery, Stoke-on-Trent’s contemporary, artist led exhibiting space, where she has been leading on projects which engage with city and location since 2007.

GPS workshop

Today’s GPS workshop was an opportunity to delve a little deeper into something which has been at the periphery of my practice since 2007 – exploring real, and imagined maps, and experienced place vs theoretical place. I have used GPS in my work in the... read more

Digital and analogue mentoring

Brilliant day at Grand Union studios with Ben Sadler today. We got loads done. Ben met me at the station bright and early this morning for a walk across to Digbeth.  We talked through my thoughts about making ceramic plates talk for the Community Maker project I... read more

Trying to make ceramic talk

There are a few projects coming up which I hope to use the new technological learning for: the big one this week has been trying to make talking ceramics. The community maker project which I began with The British Ceramics Biennial last year continues until next year... read more

Tech day

Tech day today – love the Arduino type tech which could enable an image or object to be touch activated to make sound or activate other content. Most exciting thought I am left with is If the paint can be used to make an object or image activate sound and other... read more

Work at home

Really interesting to see that Abandon Normal Devices festival will have a section which takes place in people’s homes. I am interested in the ways that artists can work in alternative settings, and in particular in their own location – interested that it... read more

Starting at the beginning…

Last week was the first day of the Random String fellowship, which I am thrilled to have been selected as a fellow for. The day began with some benchmarking led by the programmes evaluator – which soon showed up for me my mistrust of technologies in relation to... read more