Random String / Pecha Kucha Night Coventry TAKEOVER

Next Tuesday at the Tin Music and Arts is our Pecha Kucha Night Coventry takeover event. Ludic Rooms warmly invites you to a lively evening of technological discoveries,  emerging from the Random String Fellowship Programme, at a special Pecha Kucha Night, the Tin...

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Symposium Livestream!

There's still time to get your tickets for the Symposium tomorrow at Warwick Arts Centre (in fact tickets will even be available on the door!) but if for some reason you can't make it to join us in the room... we have some exciting news! With support from the amazing...

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Interview: Entropika Lab

In preparation for the Random String Symposium which launches THIS FRIDAY at Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry, Artemis and Gabriella of Entropika Lab talk to us about what brought them together, playfulness and some very musical chairs.

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Interview: Leila Johnston

In preparation for Random String Symposium kicking off THIS FRIDAY at Warwick Arts Centre, we spoke to Leila Johnston, digital artist and creator of Hack Circus, about the need for invention, theatre companies embracing technology and honesty vs shininess.   In your...

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Interview: Dan Hett

In preparation for Random String Symposium happening THIS FRIDAY at Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry, we talked to Dan Hett, digital artist and BAFTA award winning technologist about some of the extraordinary projects he’s been involved with, Algorave, and how to go about experimenting with digital artwork for the very first time.

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Notes from the past

When we last hosted the Random String Symposium back in 2014, our artist in residence was the wonderful illustrator Catherine Askew. She created a beautiful document of the day in the form of a series of 'visual minutes' illustrations that were liveblogged over the...

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Fellowship Launch Day

Today we gathered together for the first time with our assembled group of Fellows and Mentors in the Committee Room at the Canal Basin Warehouse for a day of meeting and eating. The importance of sharing a meal with a new group of colleagues is often overlooked, the...

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Meet our Mentors

The Random String project has enabled us to partner up with some pretty amazing organisations and people, not least an incredible group of practitioners who will be working with our RS Fellows as mentors as well as contributing to the Symposium and microFestival. Some...

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From our Fellows…

GPS workshop

Today's GPS workshop was an opportunity to delve a little deeper into something which has been at the periphery of my practice since 2007 - exploring real, and imagined maps, and experienced place vs theoretical place. I have used GPS in my work in the past - but in a...

Sensors// Ideas // Process

Stressing about the choreography.... the process... the second part of the dance and I saw this picture.... I had an aha moment... THE BODY KEEPS SCORE I just need to not over think it and trust what is already there.    

**** **** **** and then *data*!

14th September 2016 Excellent mentoring session with Nikki Pugh.  I've been wanting to work with a GPS module to gather data from walking the hillsides above my village.  The aim is to use that data as a starting point for new print work.  I'd struggled with the GPS...

spinning around

While the play continues, there are a number of things clearer: It's not about the tec. Well it is, but more about it being the right tec that actually works.  I want people to be clear about the cause and effect of their actions so that the more they play the more...