Random String Fellowships

I am a letterpress artist specialising in prints, posters, music packaging, artist book collaborations and related print ephemera. Influenced by landscape and architecture, by music packaging and posters, I use hand­set type in an exploratory manner with source material including automatic writing and overheard conversations, improvised surface pattern printing and conventional typesetting, often exploring site-specific interactions and experiences. I overlap the elemental rules of letterpress printing with more expressive approaches and ultimately incorporate elements of art, craft and design in all my work.

**** **** **** and then *data*!

14th September 2016 Excellent mentoring session with Nikki Pugh.  I've been wanting to work with a GPS module to gather data from walking the hillsides above my village.  The aim is to use that data as a starting point for new print work.  I'd struggled with the GPS...

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Gadgets = memory fail

Excitingly, the gadgets I've bought with my Random String budget have arrived.  Arduino Uno + GPS module + OpenLog + power supply for hillside wandering. Less excitingly, my memory (and sketchbook notes) have failed me.  It turns out the steep learning curve I went on...

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Map-making and data sources

An inspiring first meeting with my mentor Nikki Pugh last week has prompted a week of thinking about how data sources could be used to generate new work.  What form that work would take is unknown, but I've been thinking a lot about map-making lately.  I've just...

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Learning laser cut at Access Space in Sheffield

Inspired by some of the talks at the Random String symposium last week, I headed off to Sheffield yesterday for a day learning laser cutting at Access Space. I knew virtually nothing about the process, but there are people doing great work combining it with...

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Tech, lovely tech

Last week I had my first full day on the Random String fellowship in Coventry. With no idea of what to expect from a tech day with workshop leader Dom Breadmore and the other five fellows, I was excited to see what goodies would be thrown our way. And these were the...

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Information // technology

First proper session on the Random String tech-based fellowship today. Excited to see what we all learn. Passed this board on the way to the Ludic Rooms base in Coventry. Hoping it gets some content up...

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