Placing technology into the hands and minds of artists

Random String is a programme of events for artists and audiences exploring the creative potential of interactive and networked technology in the arts. It is organised by Ludic Rooms in association with Warwick Arts Centre.

The Random String Symposium at Warwick Arts Centre on June 10th 2016 brings together arts professionals to look at interactive and networked technologies and their use in the creative process. 

The Random String microFestival brings inspiring artworks to Coventry on June 11th 2016 and invites people to get creative with technology. Everyone is welcome! 

The Random String Fellowships enable six artists to explore how technologies might stimulate new directions for their work, with mentor support. They are being given a rare opportunity to play and experiment, without the pressure to produce a new body of work.

There will also be a whole host of other workshops, events and activities throughout 2016, you can follow the action on our Blog or sign up to our Newsletter to get info direct to your inbox. 

See some snaps from this year's programme....

The programme this year aims to investigate three key themes:


How can introducing interactive and networked technologies throughout the creative process enable a more meaningful relationship with audiences? How can technology foster interaction between people, rather than just interaction with the artwork itself?


What do networked and interactive technologies mean for the ownership of artworks and performances? Who is the author when co-creating, sharing and making work interactively? Do technologies enable new kinds of audience agency? How does the use of creative technologies redefine the notion of participatory arts practice?


Can technologies be a democratising force in the arts world? Can technology redefine the arts establishment, challenge our models of power and distribution, build new audience and enable new ways of working?