Random String Fellowships

Nicola is an artist designer who has been commissioned to produce work for galleries, theatres, outdoor events and a number site specific installations.  She is joint owner and Director of Vortex Creates LTD who specialise in transforming spaces and design and production of large costumes and sets for Carnivals and Events. Nicola has designed for The International Dance Festival, Notting Hill Carnival, Fargo Village Ground Cutting ceremony and the World of Wearable Art Awards in New Zealand and is a MADUK Award winner.

spinning around

While the play continues, there are a number of things clearer: It's not about the tec. Well it is, but more about it being the right tec that actually works.  I want people to be clear about the cause and effect of their actions so that the more they play the more...

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Play day

Great first session with Phil.  Lots of discussions around initial enquiry and starting points.  In talking about developing an existing costume, it made me realise that I need to refer to this work as wearable art.  The Vortex was designed as a piece of wearable art,...

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Current thinking

After the day of play my head has been swimming with the possibilities.  I'm just about to go meet my mentor Phil for the first session, where amount other things we're going to play some more with some costumes, and a wii remote...update later! Key questions for...

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First past the post

A day of play awaits with fellow fellows! But first coffee, and introduction to the blog....but what will be in our goody bags?  Will let you know later.....I'm guessing a LED or two and maybe an arduino (and by the and of the day I'll know what that...

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