Random String Fellowships

Rosamaria Kostic Cisneros is a dance historian and critic, Roma scholar, Flamenco Historian, professional dancer, choreographer and peace activist. She has lived and danced in various parts of the world and collaborated with many Flamenco greats and other leaders in the Dance field. Rosa is a dance writer who makes regular contributions to Bachtrack Magazine and Flamenco News while also working at Coventry University’s Centre for Dance Research. Rosamaria is involved in various EU-funded projects which aim to make education accessible to vulnerable groups and ethnic minorities, and is part of numerous cultural heritage projects that bring dance and digital technologies together.

Sensors// Ideas // Process

Stressing about the choreography.... the process... the second part of the dance and I saw this picture.... I had an aha moment... THE BODY KEEPS SCORE I just need to not over think it and trust what is already there.    

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Hibiscus Tea// Electric Paint// Yellow Sponges

Well, I met with my mentor a few weeks ago and this gave me a few ideas--- light sensors, talking boxes and perspex shadow puppets. Reading up on my two main guys, Hacivat and Karagoz, I learned that in the old days the puppet makers used teas to paint the wooden...

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Laser Cutting// Bear taming// Stage Design

My trip to Istanbul this summer allowed me to hunt, grab and buy a series of books that focus on my two friends, Hacivat and Karagoz. These rare books, some in Turkish, all explore the history and the many forms the two characters have taken in Turkish society. Filled...

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After some reflection on the wonderful Random String Symposium and digesting all of the information and feedback, I decided that my itch to explore shadow puppetry, identity and movement are more and more important and relevant to my practice.  I met wonderful people...

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Market // Material // Generations

This week I went to the market to shop for material and met Ali at one of the stands. He was selling me a lot of embellishments for an outfit that I am yet to buy/make... a bit backwards but such is the creative process. Well, we strike up a conversation and he tells...

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To dream …Hayal & Puppet Master… Hayali

Been doing some reading and learning about shadow puppetry.  In Turkey there are two famous charachters- Hagivat and Karagoz. Aparently in Turkish Haval means dream or imagination and Havali means puppet...

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Copenhagen, Twitter and my “Master Plan”

Reflecting on my week here in Copenhagen at the SIBMAS conference where my colleagues from C-DaRE and I presented on the role of digital technologies in the dance world, I am left with many questions but excited to keep thinking about the work for Random String. For...

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Sweet and Low

On my way to Studio 20/21, Anna and I walked past this sweet friend. The day was productive and full of neat gadgets. I ask myself- Can these two worlds coexist?...

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Play… technology…Flamenco

Launch day of the fellowship---YIPPY! Was excited to meet the other fellows and the mentors! Missed the morning bit because…. Meetings… then the trains… why is it that when you need to BE somewhere, there seems to be signal failure between Birmingham international and...

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