My trip to Istanbul this summer allowed me to hunt, grab and buy a series of books that focus on my two friends, Hacivat and Karagoz.


These rare books, some in Turkish, all explore the history and the many forms the two characters have taken in Turkish society. Filled with vibrant images, the books offer insight into the narratives that are built and their links to Turkish society. Reading these books I am left asking myself how identity is constructed and managed and how this might be re-played in a performance?


In one of the books I find what I imagine is the “Gypsy” character taming/training the bear, and I am motivated to dance and use this image to generate movement.

A few weeks later my laser cutting V.I.P session with my mentor Phil takes place and it is mind blasting! My character, Karagoz, comes to life thanks to this beautiful  piece of technology. Rather than write about it, you can see the process through the images.

20160726_120733 20160726_121629












The morning was really exciting and empowering. I very much enjoyed the process of creating something tangible out of an image found in my book.  The next step is to take the various images and figure out how to make little puppets out of them, rethinking measurements, materials and colour choices.

Feel confident that the families I am collaborating with will also enjoy helping me construct the puppets and design the “stage”.