14th September 2016

Excellent mentoring session with Nikki Pugh.  I’ve been wanting to work with a GPS module to gather data from walking the hillsides above my village.  The aim is to use that data as a starting point for new print work.  I’d struggled with the GPS Module I’d bought, so today she helped get it set up properly.

p1290576 p1290574

Carrying it gently inside a tote bag, we took it to the pagoda roundabout in central Birmingham, hoping that the module would get a fix and start giving us a steady stream of data.

p1290566 p1290560

After some false starts with a slowly flashing LED, we finally got it!


Now I’m back home with some fresh code, ready to get outside, high up onto Whittaker Naze and the surrounding moors.  More when I return…