Random String Festival is fast approaching and we thought we should let you know about some of the unusual and thought-provoking activities on offer.

We are proud to announce that Random String is playing host to Women Reclaiming AI for Activism – a groundbreaking workshop led by Birgitte Aga, Coral Manton and Elvia Vasconcelos, specifically for women and people who do not primarily identify as male, to explore the gendered presentation of Artificial Intelligence.

AI voice assistants like Ok Google, Alexa, Siri, Cortana and Bixby use female names, identities, voices, although as a response to pressure, an increasing number now have an option to change the gender of the voice to male.  Studies revealed that both men and women respond more favourably to female speech and want their AI assistant to be ‘obedient and assisting.’

This collaborative workshop aims to create a new kind of AI Assistant that reflects female identity, based on inspirational speeches from women we admire.

The workshop is free and no previous experience of coding is required but participants are asked to bring a laptop if they have access to one. Participants are also asked to bring  quotes from women who inspire them – whether authors, celebrities, relatives or friends etc.

The workshop takes place on Saturday 17 November, 10.30am at the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum.

Book your places here.

Birgitte Aga, Coral Manton and Elvia Vasconcelos, will be speaking on a panel entitled Disobedient AI; Alternative strategies for reclaiming future technologies at the Random String Symposium on Friday16 November.