I really wanted to take part in Random String as I feel digital art can really help me develop my practice. I want my work to be interactive and beautiful at the same time, I manage to create each element separately but not yet together. I’ve built websites, I can use CAD but I’ve never tried to do anything more. Making my work digital is a completely new adventure for me.

In September I brought an Arduino starter kit and started going through the exercises in the book it comes with. I made it to the fourth exercise and got stuck. I needed Random String to have someone on hand to help me understand coding and wiring, that wasn’t stressed when things went wrong and could help guide me through this new world. 

I saw the advert for Random String and decided I was going to become a fellow, it offered everything I needed; the chance to try different digital elements, a mentor, some equipment and a friendly bunch of people in the same position. I applied and kept my fingers crossed, was invited to interview where I told Don, Anne and Julia about my practice and my problems and then I kept my fingers crossed, I got it! 

I was over the moon, help is just what I need to get going with my Arduino and that was what I was going to get. I couldn’t wait to go to the Random String Symposium and then our residential trip at the end of November.