Reflecting on my week here in Copenhagen at the SIBMAS conference where my colleagues from C-DaRE and I presented on the role of digital technologies in the dance world, I am left with many questions but excited to keep thinking about the work for Random String.


For the last two weeks I have sent out some tweets asking people to send me images that represent “family” “story telling” or “shadow puppetry” and sadly, I have only received 3 images. I am rethinking my strategy here and wondering how best to approach this “Master idea”. So what exactly is my idea?

5th medium reso with CM logo

With this Random String Fellowship, I am exploring Flamenco, storytelling, digital technologies, and shadow puppetry in relation to vulnerable groups, in particular the Romany community. How might DT support/allow vulnerable groups/users to engage/access material, and how can this sourced content then support the making of a Flamenco piece which includes shadow puppetry and play? I want to gather photos from the community and reuse them and integrate them into the work. How might the community support the making of this piece? How can their voices be part of the work? Can we breakdown the walls that keep certain groups out of performance venues?

So, thus far my twitter approach is not working! I have other ideas and can just do things the good ol’  fashion way by going to talk to them. 🙂 Shall I knock on the door or this beautiful window?