After the day of play my head has been swimming with the possibilities.  I’m just about to go meet my mentor Phil for the first session, where amount other things we’re going to play some more with some costumes, and a wii remote…update later!

Key questions for enquiry:

Our costumes, particularly our vortices respond to the wearer – they move in direct response to the body.  Performers put them on and begin by playing.
How might tec increase that playfulness?
How can use of wearable tec allow the performer to create their own show using sound and light?
How might these costumes with wearable tec turn the audience into the performer creating a show for both themselves and observers?
How might a series of costumes be networked in order to collaborate on an unwritten performance?
Could this further be enhanced by wearers of the costumes controlling the whole environment?

WOW show photo