Random String Festival offers activities suitable for a family audience but some more challenging work just for adults. This includes the Justice Syndicate; a playable theatrical experience by fanSHEN, using iPads.

fanSHEN describe themselves as a ‘recovering theatre company, who now design and create audience-centric experiences with  elements of performance, game and installation.’

fanSHEN’s co-founder lead artists are Dan Barnard and Rachel Briscoe; over the past ten years they have made over 18 projects, working with partners including the Natural History Museum, National Theatre of Scotland, Live Theatre, and the National Theatre, in locations including libraries, shopping centres, disused offices, museums, fields, village fetes and the occasional theatre.

Dan and Rachel will be speaking about their work at the Random String Symposium on Friday 16 November at Warwick Arts Centre. 


The Justice Syndicate

The Justice Syndicate has been made through a collaboration between fanSHEN, computational artist Joe McAlister and neuroscientist Dr Kris De Meyer.

A top surgeon accused of a serious crime. Conviction would mean planned operations will not go ahead – and the evidence is far from conclusive.

The Justice Syndicate is a piece of playable theatre drawing on a jury format. It explores how we fill in the gaps to make decisions.

Power and privilege; trust and technology; thought and action.

How will you vote?

Trigger warning: The Justice Syndicate contains both discussion of sexual assault and explicit description of consensual sexual activity.

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