Fellowship Launch Day

by | May 3, 2016

Today we gathered together for the first time with our assembled group of Fellows and Mentors in the Committee Room at the Canal Basin Warehouse for a day of meeting and eating. The importance of sharing a meal with a new group of colleagues is often overlooked, the opportunity to share in that most basic of human experiences, of laughter and comfort. Of course this would have been better realised if the falafel lunch hadn’t met with various extenuating circumstances en route to us, leaving most of the group waining.

Everyone in the group was given the chance to introduce themselves and their practice, which (as we’d hoped) sparked a series of conversations about the nature of introducing interactive technologies into creative practice. These conversations rather put the kibosh on our schedule for the day but we still found time to take a quick tour of the warehouse and to coverĀ some of the pragmatic elements of the project such as schedules and finances. The group also spent time with our fabulous evaluator Philippa Cross, who led on benchmarking tasks with the Fellows based conveniently around brown paper and butcher’s string (pics below). I ended the day with a condensed version of a talk on Postdigital making, giving an overview of some of Ludic Rooms’ work as well as other practitioners in the field. Beyond simply working with technology, it is really important for me that the Fellows are supportedĀ to embrace some of the tenets of LR’s way of working, focussing on socially-engaged practice and our approach toward enquiry.