Today’s GPS workshop was an opportunity to delve a little deeper into something which has been at the periphery of my practice since 2007 – exploring real, and imagined maps, and experienced place vs theoretical place. I have used GPS in my work in the past – but in a very clunky low tech way. The way I used the garmin GPS device was to photograph the GPS info and then the real place – as that was the extent of my technical know how – but also I found the images quite interesting. This one is from the Beyond Bricks project commissioned by Multistory in Lozells and East Handsworth in 2008. In the session today Dom talked about GPS as being a good participatory and research tool, but that for him it is not to be seen as an outcome on its own or something which takes over the work. It is a part of the process. 

We did a bit of geocaching, and talked about possible applications for GPS. I am really keen to understand more about what would be needed to enable me to use this technology to create lasting tours of places, where content is available to people longer than a live event, and can be simply downloaded to create a self-guided tour with the content. For the Woman’s Work exhibition which is currently on at AirSpace but continues until October 2017 at the Potteries Museum, we are planning a Woman’s Walking Tour of Stoke – and we will be creating a live night walk to share that content, but I would also like to include the content somehow in a walk which sticks and can be downloaded and taken later.