Well, I met with my mentor a few weeks ago and this gave me a few ideas— light sensors, talking boxes and perspex shadow puppets.

Reading up on my two main guys, Hacivat and Karagoz, I learned that in the old days the puppet makers used teas to paint the wooden characters, and Hibiscus tea was a main ingredient.  Well, after my meeting with Phil I decided I should start making the stage where either myself or the shadow puppets would dance.  As a good pupil I decided I would stay true to form and would paint my small canvas using the hibiscus tea… after all, if they were doing it a 100 years ago, it would surely work now, right?



No colour! No  rich  full colour! Only a good cup of tea.

I then decided I would move on to the next stage of my plan- painting the mosaics onto my remaining canvas. I start painting and what a mess! The fine lines were a complete blob and so I decided that I should make little squares. This worked!  The yellow sponge which I had nearby  was also really alluring and so, I decided to paint the black paint on this bright yellow  material and it was surprisingly exactly what I wanted.  This is also quite symbolic of the  metaphors I am exploring with the dance movement— this idea of cleaning and people thinking all Gypsies are dirty— also works well with the gesture of wiping and  circular motions I am pulling into the dance.



Moving on, I try to get the arduino board to work with my fancy new sponge— no such luck. I then downloaded the latest programming software trying to get it to work, but still no luck. I will try one more time today and if not, another trip to see my mentor Phil. .

..at least the dancing is coming along!