I met with my mentor Nikki yesterday, and discussed what research i had conducted after our initial meeting, some of it seemed quite disparate, but actually might well all come together. In no particular order:

  • the creating of a personal manifesto
  • the work between surgeon Prof Roger Kneebone (honestly) & tailor Joshua Byrne. The parallels in their work – particularly the joining together of pieces – be it internal organs or material.
  • a phase that Joshua used resonated: “Your fingers have to learn it, not just your heart.”
  • embroidered letters, particularly 19th century samplers.
  • I have been recalling odd sayings that my parents used to use.
  • the handmade teddy bears, made for me by my mum when she was in hospital. the stitching used to join the parts together.

For this mentoring session it was great that Nikki was able to visit me at my studio. I was able to show her the work I produced for Open Studio (textile/hand stitching). i was also able to show her my 1866 Albion Hand Press, which was much admired. I mainly use wooden letters, but also have a tray of metal type.

Nikki then proceeded to give me a practical demo ….. and when she produced some conductive thread and we joined it to the metal type…..that’s when I experienced the tipping point!

I think I’m on my way.IMG_5701 IMG_5702 IMG_5703 IMG_5704