Random String Fellowships

Jamaal Burkmar is a graduate from the Northern School for Contemporary Dance and a product of the ACE youth dance system, where he began his journey back in 2005. During his time as an undergraduate, Jamaal flourished as an artist and enjoyed great success particularly with his first piece of work, Ocean, which was choreographed in his second year. The excitement generated by this piece was instantaneous and led it to being reworked on Verve, the postgraduate company of NSCD. This commission marked the first time an undergraduate had been given the opportunity to work with the company. As well as receiving several commissions to work with dance companies around the country, Jamaal also recently was awarded the New Adventures Choreography Award which he is currently working on.

Pentatonic Scale

Last week I spent some time in a studio with my Arduino, some speakers and the electrical paint. Finding practical ways of combining that technology within a movement practice is actually incredibly difficult. If I try and find a way to bring it onto my body, it...

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Many Men

So Yesterday was the Random String event. Was very informative and great fun! I got the most joy from Dan Hett's talk, but it was also really interesting hearing about dance from another side in the Hacking Rambert talk as well. I decided to bring a long something I'd...

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After my first session with Antonio yesterday, my head is full to the brim and abuzz with some ideas I want to get started on. So i'm going to spend these next two days testing and trying out a few ideas in my living room with film (which hopefully I can bring to the...

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Back at Random String

1st session back with the Random String fellows. All my ideas are still very fresh and completely unrealised but I'm looking forward to getting to grips with some technology and meeting up my with mentor at some point to in the next couple weeks to see what possible....

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