Random String Fellowships

I am fascinated by the human condition, exploring the people and places that I encounter and my relationship, and response, to them. My findings are invariably recorded in a map form, either through drawing or hand stitching.

I was a mature student, gaining an M.A. in Fine Art in 1996 from Birmingham City University. Since then I have worked nationally with a wide variety of organizations, including Grizedale Arts & Ikon Gallery. I have also exhibited in solo & group shows at Manchester Art Gallery & the Pump House Gallery, London.

…. the making of needles…..

One of the things that I'm wanting to explore is the meditative qualities of hand stitching, obviously one of the key components to this is the needle. So, this week my mentor, Nikki, and myself visited the excellent Needle Museum in Redditch. It was quite humbling to...

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I think I’ve just experienced the tipping point…

I met with my mentor Nikki yesterday, and discussed what research i had conducted after our initial meeting, some of it seemed quite disparate, but actually might well all come together. In no particular order: the creating of a personal manifesto the work between...

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More happiness….

.... is hand stitching! Being a Random String Fellow will give me the opportunity to explore the interactive technologies and hand stitching. It's going to be...

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Well - hurrah - I've made it into the blog, and can now formally start this wonderful opportunity of being a Fellow on Random String.

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