An inspiring first meeting with my mentor Nikki Pugh last week has prompted a week of thinking about how data sources could be used to generate new work.  What form that work would take is unknown, but I’ve been thinking a lot about map-making lately.  I’ve just finished a residency at Huddersfield Art Gallery where I developed a set of ‘conversation maps’ of the town through talking to gallery visitors and some random conversations in the streets.



This thinking then collided with a recent post my friend Martin made of a new project with the (working?) title ‘Horizon Trail’.  From the centre of Manchester you can the moors rising up to the north and east and, from his tower block flat, he has a semi-interrupted view.  So, over the past few months he’s been out on the moors, literally walking that horizon.  He’s part-way through now and has just created this excellent film of the process so far.


Then, today, a GPS module from Nikki arrived in the post.  She says I’m to investigate and consider how it could inform a piece of work.  I’ll be honest – I don’t really know what a GPS module is, beyond the fact that I own a SatNav for touring work.  I can feel some research coming on.