This week I went to the market to shop for material and met Ali at one of the stands. He was selling me a lot of embellishments for an outfit that I am yet to buy/make… a bit backwards but such is the creative process.


Well, we strike up a conversation and he tells me that he has some coins from a Gypsy Belly dancer who moved to Germany. He goes around the table to this hidden drawer and pulls out this bag of treasure and says “give me a £5er”. I quickly give him the money and he suddenly has ‘seller’s remorse’. I take all of my material and say goodbye.


I walk to the cash point, take some money out and go back to visit Ali  only to be greeted with a “I knew you would be back”. I buy another £10 worth of stuff. He says to me ” you ain’t a Gypsy without these.”


I take 1 metre.