We (the fellows) have been incredibly lucky and have been invited to go and see Marshmallow Laserfeast at the Saatchi with the Ludic Rooms team. What a day out it was! We met at the gallery and went to see We Live in an Ocean of Air in groups of 6. In the gallery space there was two big screens, cinema sizes showing the 2d version of what the participants were experiencing. The video was amazing, it was already an incredible spectacle, I couldn’t wait for it to be our turn.

When it was our turn we entered and the Marshmellow team put it backpacks on us, VR headsets with breath sensors, heart rate monitors and wrist straps, they explained the health and safety of it and that when we see a blue grid that’s the real wall, I’ve learnt my lesson about that before and have hit a friends wall! We all stood in a line and a lady began to speak and asked us to breathe and as we did hundreds of blue dots appeared before our eyes, we were seeing our breathe. We put our hands in front of us and we could see the dots of our blue running through our fingers. As we were now immersed into the VR world of We Live in a Ocean or Air we began to walk into the exhibition. It’s hard to explain exactly what happened, in the Centre was a huge tree, around it green sensory and above us the sky. The tree and area around it started coming part pixel by pixel and falling into a vortex. The music that played along side it was perfect. The whole experience with captivating, beautiful and perfect. The experience is going to stay with me forever.

The time it ran for felt perfect, VR can be weird and make you feel odd. It was long enough to really wow you, to make it a special treat without any of the strange VR side effects for doing it for too long.

It was an absolutely amazing experience, it’s really hard to put it into words. The exhibition blew my mind, I’d love to go back again and again. Technically I have no idea how they did it and I actually don’t want to, I’m so blown away by the experience that I feel like it’s their secret, it’s so special, I don’t want to recreate, I want experience it again and again.