Last week I spent some time in a studio with my Arduino, some speakers and the electrical paint. Finding practical ways of combining that technology within a movement practice is actually incredibly difficult.
If I try and find a way to bring it onto my body, it limits me first and if I choose to unburden myself from it, I in turn limit the technology.

During my research I was downloading different sounds to try out as well, and came across some old links that I had been using in the past and an old one actually inspired me into trying a different idea.

Bobby Mcferrins Pentatonic  scale.

I think it’d be really cool to create a performance in which I’d record the sound straight from the audience and play it back as part of my score. Similar to the loop pedal, except that it’s actual dancing that sets the sounds off. Rather than the performing responding to the sound.

Now I just need to find the strongest conductor as the electrical paint will probably not be strong enough for something like this.