Great first session with Phil.  Lots of discussions around initial enquiry and starting points.  In talking about developing an existing costume, it made me realise that I need to refer to this work as wearable art.  The Vortex was designed as a piece of wearable art, but we refer to it as a costume: short hand really.  However through talking about accessibility and inviting people to play and take part it seemed costume brought too many other meanings, and invites a different approach to the work.  It’s not about dressing up to become someone else, but about putting on an extension of yourself to create.  IT also triggered thoughts of wearability and ease of getting it on and off.

Our conversation led on to an exploration of the Vortex and how it might control sound through its movement.  From our day together Dom had shown how a simple Wii remote could be paired with a computer using OSCulator, and then control sound using Vogue.  After an initial play Phil suggested AudioMulch and we experimented with movement and sound.  We focused on the Pitch and Accelerator functions, the results being that if I span in the Vortex the beat sped up and if I tilted it in brought in a a baseline.  A simple start but clarity in needing to experiment with sound and light as separate entities, at least in the beginning.  It also raised the following questions:
How do you know what is doing what (and that it’s working)?
How can you as the wearer be completely ‘in the moment’?
Is the sound you produce the sound in its entirety, or is it a composition you alter with movement?

So here’s a quick clip of it in action.  (If our neighbours at the unit didn’t think we were bonkers already, they are certain of it now…)