Launch day of the fellowship—YIPPY! Was excited to meet the other fellows and the mentors!


Missed the morning bit because…. Meetings… then the trains… why is it that when you need to BE somewhere, there seems to be signal failure between Birmingham international and Coventry?

I arrive to studio 20/21 in Coventry just in time to witness the “falafel debacle” and to catch the second part of Juneau Projects presentation. Fast forward a bit, one half of the duo is now my mentor. ( CLAPS!)


The day continues, lunches arrive and Dom takes a good gulp of water, and the other fellows share their work and practice. Incredibly talented people with creative and inspiring work. Already learning from them, and we only just met!


We go on this great tour of the space and studios—wow talk about secret garden and beautiful wood work!

Back in and we continue to discuss technology and art and what a postdigital practice might look like. So much to explore!

Themes emerging from the other fellows:

  • Power and Agency
  • Vulnerability and Safety
  • Materials and ‘own-making’

As far as my own work and initial ideas:

How can Flamenco, dance, shadow puppets, story telling, technology, play and vulnerable groups interact? What happens when you put elements that are not supposed to meet, together in a room to play and creatively interact? I am inspired to explore the intersection of these elements and to learn more about how dance technologies can facilitate audience members to tap into their own passions and find a way to connect with their personal beliefs and interests or creative sides.  I would like to honour a traditional element of storytelling and bring a modern twist to the art form? Can we be in a liminal space and explore unconventional venues to capture stories? Maybe children’s stories? Maybe explore storytelling through shadow puppets? I AM NOT SURE BUT I hope that the next few weeks, months and  my mentor Phil, offer insight into these questions.