The message woven into my work is very close to my heart. I talk about, a woman’s worth, challenges faced by women, challenges faced by migrants, ethnic minority groups, asylum seekers, refugees. We are living in a society were unimaginable things have become our
norm. The question is how do we challenge the unthinkable, the inhuman actions. The so called norm in our communities? How can technology help us come back to basics? Be in touch with the Human in us? Switching on the telly and listening to horrors of the world is
an everyday thing these days. Does it then leave us NUMB? DESENSITISED? Can technology help?
As a visual artist, creative writer, storyteller l wanted to explore the above Well, my task was to get my adornments interactive. Trigger empathy via tech? With the help of the mentors it happened! Two of my body adornments and an artefact talked/responded to touch by the use of conductive threads, bare conductive board, audio uploads and speakers. It was soooo much fun to see the adornments come to life.
I love dance, movement, performance and working in Photoshop helped me see a snippet of possibilities. Can’t wait to explore more!
The fellowship has helped me to have a brush with the possibilities. Its made me thirst for more. I think technology combined with visual art can help us Stop, Think and Empathise with…
Thank you Ludic Rooms Random string and my Mentors Ben and Antonio not forgetting
Nikki, thank you for stepping in…