Yesterday a friend on Facebook sent me a link that got me thinking: “An Open Call for Artists to show moving images in Coventry Cathedral on April 5th on the theme of movement of people on screen”.
This is the brief:
“We are looking for evocative imagery that will come to life when projected across the walls, floors and ceilings of the Cathedral. This could include work featuring people running, walking, crawling or rolling across the canvas of the screens. This could also include more
abstract movement and motion blurs that suggest movement and speed.”
First thought was. Could a dancing boat count as a person? I’ve done something with a dancing boat whilst on the Random String Fellowship. Second thought – probably not, not even one from Coventry City Centre. Third thought. Bet the artists don’t get paid. Fourth thought – wish the call was for something like projections of moving images on washing machines or books. Fifth thought – do I actually have time to do this? Then to bed. And this morning – some fresh thoughts, along the lines of, this could be fun, that may or may not morph into something. These are they.
Eleven Legs Levitate

legs sketch of idea

This could be as the clock in in Broadgate strikes eleven and the Godiva puppet pops out and arcs
around, eleven legs levitate and move/fly around/above Coventry City Centre. Maybe two of the
legs belong to a bird. The Phoenix bird on the Foundation Stone for the Precinct has good legs (they
have a spring about them as if they are a rocket about to take off). Just the legs, not the heads of
people, to add a level of oddness. It might be possible with a green background. I’ve ordered a green
background. It would need collaboration with someone who likes the idea. Hmmm. This might not
get off the ground in the short timescale.

This is the second idea for this morning and maybe this has more of a chance. The idea is to put some of the poems I’ve made over the last couple of weeks using the black-out style for found poetry from a discarded library book, and attach them as if they were heads, to a stick man frame and to people’s legs. (On the computer, not for real). The legs, with the poems could move around.
This might work. It would fit the brief for people and movement and it would keep me amused with the poems and problem solving the digital aspect of it. (i.e. asking my Random String mentors for suggestions as to how it could be done!). And it would be possible. I would need to start by taking decent photos of the poems (currently just snaps on my phone). Here are a couple.

absurdity is an honourable art

mermaid poem

love had no idea of time








You just need to
imagine them as heads on stick man bodies with human legs moving around Coventry City Centre!

Link to the Open Call for Artists
Deadline March 25 th 2019
Showing evening of 5 th April Coventry Cathedral