On a lovely bright Monday Emma, Mary and I headed into a very cold Vivid to meet with Antonio for a projection mapping workshop. I thought it might be cold, studios always are but I was not expecting this! Chilly is not the word, Antonio did put all of the heaters on but it was still very chilly. 

To begin Antonio got out lots of cables, told us what they all are, which ones are the best and advised us to buy the ones that work with our laptop so we are always prepared when projecting. At the moment HDMI are the best they are the clearest image you can get, it carries audio and visual, tell your laptop to not do audio if you don’t want it to. USBC is the newest cable, they are inbuilt into newer android phones and can power and transfer at the same time. They are so new that not everything supports them. Wirelessly is another new option but it’s a lot of data to transfer at once, with a cable you can see where it’s broken but with wireless you can’t as it’s in the air somewhere!

After cables we had a chat about resolution. Resolution is the amount of pixels going up and across your screen and you want 1080 x 1920, this is the best standard. 

Lumens are what the projects brightest is measured in, the brighter the further it will project. If you are looking to buy a projector spend over £200 and it should be good. When you have it don’t shake it, treat it nicely. 

We headed out to warm up with a cup of tea. Vivid is in quite an industrial looking area, we thought we were heading to a greasy spoon behind a blue door but how we were wrong we went to the very beautiful Fazely Studios, I recommend giving it a try. It is a truly beautiful building. 

After being wowed with our cups of coffee we headed back to look at Obs Projects, it’s a free open source programme and you can use it to build up images to project. We mixed our own images with our live spaces and the odd cat gif. Really easy to use, just remember to click loop on your videos otherwise it just stops. 




Then we got to the fun bit of projecting onto boxes and using Map Map to do this. Sadly we didn’t have bags of time Antonio showed us how to do it really simply and quickly, it looked great. I’d love to have another section with Antonio to try Map Map out a bit more.