Artists, from any discipline, you need to take part in the Random String Fellowship programme. Writers, dancers, designer-makers, performers, musicians, this is for you: it’s the kind of special opportunity that you rarely allow yourself in your working lives.

We offer:

Time It’s a precious commodity and vital for experimentation, learning and reflection.

We start the Fellowship with a two day residential  (29 & 30 November), to encourage dialogue, play with some tech and get an overview of the whole digital arts sector. Following this intro, you can then carve out some time for your own exploration, together with some technical workshops and support from the Artists Mentors. We also spend some time visiting interesting galleries and organisations with interesting projects and approaches.

Artist Mentors

Our Artist Mentors are a pretty special bunch of people who will bring years of experience, insight and techy know-how to help you focus and use your time effectively.


You get an initial package of kit with basic interactive components for playing with light, sound and motion. After your initial experiments, you will be helped to select further technology that is appropriate for your artistic explorations. You get to keep this lot at the end.

Deadline is Monday 15 October at 5pm, give up your weekend to developing your creative practice and maybe your career…