The day of the Random String Symposium came, I was full of enthusiasm and arrived super early really for a full day of learning. 

The first talk was by Tine Bech and I feel in love, she is now my women idol. Tine has a PHD in play and creates interactive digital work, she is who I want to be when I grow up! Her work is colourful and her approach is really fun. She’s worked all over the world in outdoor spaces. I loved listening to her speak and seeing her work. I can’t wait to research her further and see her work in person. Tine mentioned that their is a digital art museum in Paris and Tokyo, Tokyo is a little far for a weekend but Paris is definitely achievable, I’m going on the 16th March 🙂

The next talk that really stood out was Laura Kriefman with her talk and demonstration of Kicking the Mic. Laura has created a dress that lights up in the response to her tap dancing. The way she explain the tech made it seem so approachable, so achievable she was a real inspiration. I went to see her performance the following evening and it was all it promised to be, an absolute sensation.

The symposium has given me an insight into the wonders of digital mixed with art, a sense that it isn’t as hard as I think and two amazing women to look up to, follow and aspire towards. I can’t wait to see what is next on this amazing journey.