Come and join us for our second round of RS Nights at the Helen Martin Studio, Warwick Arts Centre, Wednesday 17 Oct, 6.30-8.30pm. This free and informal event gives you something of a flavour of the Random String Symposium, taking place just one month’s time.

Digital artist, Edie Jo Murray shares her development processes for her AR project What I Saw, which explores psychosis. an impaired relationship with reality, characterised by seeing and believing things that are not real.

At a time when Coventry Artspace Partnerships is leading a wide-ranging conversation about the Art of Empty Spaces,  Mark Nixon and Viliina Kovisto from NEON design practice, provide an engaging take on strategies for transforming space through their fantastical design and architecture. Maybe we’ll even get a sneak preview of their work in progress,  Sunrise, commissioned by Coventry Cathedral for 31 December 2018. 

Join this interdisciplinary meetup.