RS:Nights, Ludic Rooms’ new regular social event for people interested in digital ways of making, returns to Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry on Wednesday 17 October.

The events bring together producers and practitioners from across disciplines to share, play and make new connections. The theme of this RS Nights event is Light & Place.  We’ll be joined by Mark Nixon and Viliina Kovisto of NEON: an award winning design practice that explores new territories between architecture, design and art. NEON will be presenting their lighting commission, Sunrise in Coventry Cathedral Ruins from December 31st 2018. Inspired by Coventry’s ability to triumph in the face of adversity and follow great loss with reconciliation, design practice NEON in collaboration with Musicity transform the Cathedral Ruins into an ethereal dream-like landscape.


Edie Jo Murray is a digital artist whose work is an amorphous sticky shape that sits somewhere between the real and the not-real. She uses space-age tech, CGI and performance to pull apart the goo and mould new worlds with new rules. She will be talking about her AR piece What I Saw, created as part of work with the Black Hole Club at Birmingham’s Vivid Projects.