Aimed at creative professionals and cultural organisations, the RS Symposium is a day of talks, workshops, performances, play, and conversation around arts and technology. This year we are exploring the ways in which real-time technologies are changing the relationships between artists and audiences, bringing about new forms of liveness and inspiring the ways in which we create, improvise, and play.

We are delighted to announce our first wave of contributors:

We’re excited to welcome architectural choreographer LAURA KRIEFMAN from Hellion Trace, presenting her work in the fusion between movement and technology, including Kicking The Mic, a performance piece fusing live tap dance, looping and a fully sound reactive LED dress. Continuing their Women Reclaiming AI for Activism project, B AGA and CORAL MANTON from i-DAT will lead a panel discussion on gender diversity in the development of Artificial Intelligence systems. Artist and musician GRAHAM DUNNING will present his participatory approach to creating ‘Mechanical Techno’ with modified LPs. DAN BARNARD and RACHEL BRISCOE from ‘recovering theatre company’ fanSHEN will lead a session around their artistic research creating playable environments that explore the social psychology of groups. We’ll also be joined by multidisciplinary artist TINE BECH who will lead a session on designing interactive and playable projects where human experiences are at the centre.

And finally, groundbreaking media-artist, director, choreographer and composer KLAUS OBERMAIER will end the day with a keynote and new performance FACELESS_VOICELESS alongside dancer BARBERA VUZEM, exploring nonverbal communication and the role of the human body as the interface between the real and the virtual.

With many more contributors still to be announced this will be our most packed Random String symposium event to date. An unmissable event for artists and creative practitioners interested in digital ways of making.


For just £35 you get access to all sessions at the symposium as well as a ticket to Klaus Obermaier’s immersive digital dance performance FACELESS_VOICELESS. Tickets available here