While the play continues, there are a number of things clearer:

  1. It’s not about the tec.
    Well it is, but more about it being the right tec that actually works.  I want people to be clear about the cause and effect of their actions so that the more they play the more certainties they discover pushing them to a deeper level of creativity.  I’ve experienced so many things where I’m not really sure what I’m controlling or achieving and I don’t want that.
    I do not want the tec to be obvious.  Lots of e-tectiles projects celebrate the beauty of the hardware and while I really love the aesthetic achievable I don’t want it to be the focus.  I want it to be like a good computer or smartphone – there might be lots of clever stuff inside, but I like the magic of just picking it up and it working without me really knowing how – magic!
  2. It is about how you invite people to play and enable them to be totally in the moment.  Lost in discovery of movement and the resulting sounds.
    Phil and I had a conversation about gamification, and it is defiantly not that.  This suggested a goal, an objective, a start and finish.  For me the development of the work is about doing something for the joy of moving and creating and being mindfully aware of what is going on right here, right now.
    While its not about playing games, it is about playing.  That kind of play when you were a child, lost in an imaginary world brought back to reality only by a shout from mum or rumbling tummy.  The design of the work is important to evoke this.  The Vortex has been likened to a waltzer, but also reminds us of a spinning top so we’ve been looking into developing this idea further through the pattern we use, exploring both still and how it transforms in movement.
  3. The quality of the sound needs to match the quality of the visual work.
    AudioMulch seems to be perfect for achieving this.  My next step is going back to my musical roots and trying to create a fitting soundscape which I can then link with the tec within the work.  An accelerometer is a must to control the tempo, and I then plan to experiment with flex sensors to bring in elements of the soundscape.

Today I had a session with Phil exploring AudioMulch more and getting to grips with its capabilities and what might work to create the desired effect, so in short, go to go.  Brain a little fried, but buzzing with excitement about the possibilities and need to book a few days to sit at my computer to create…