Last week I had my first full day on the Random String fellowship in Coventry. With no idea of what to expect from a tech day with workshop leader Dom Breadmore and the other five fellows, I was excited to see what goodies would be thrown our way. And these were the first two objects…

P1010754 copy         P1010757 copy
Left: 3D printed ‘thing’. I like how it looks like it’s floating in the space, rather than anchored to the table.
Right: Bare Conductive Touch Board. Now this is very nice. Load up samples and make a connection.

And then, without any health warning, I was catapulted back to 1990. Or, more precisely, to my third year CDT class at high school. This was a weird feeling. I never did any kind of electronics after third year, probably to the disappointment of my dad the engineer, but this was a lot of fun.

P1010762 copy         P1010768 copy
Left: A bag of ‘stuff’.
Right: After bending the wires and connectors into shape, the ‘stuff’ lights up!

This might look pretty basic to anyone with half a clue about electronics, but to someone who’s spent the last five years setting metal type by hand and operating printing presses from as far back as the 1820s, this is next to mind-blowing. Looking forward to the Random String symposium day on 10th June, after which I’ll probably need a new set of mind bandages.