In search of some movement for my creative writing. My mentor (Ben) introduced me to animating text in Photoshop. It was fun. I am familiar with a very veeeery old version of photoshop (dont even ask me which version of photoshop!!)
Nevertheless, the idea of creating text using photoshop was less daunting. After some demos from Ben l had a basic understanding. I then went home worked on moving text. I was even ambitious enough to work on moving bodies!! Yeees!
Anyway before we talk about the moving bodies. I doodle, I doodle characters that are meaningful to me personally and hopefully will be to
Please find a clip of animation we first produced. Mop head is a character l created some years back l’ve used mophead in some of my work however. I’ve wanted to see Mop head do something and here is a small snapshot of what Mophead did with Bens help. Yeeess!
Also find an image of a body made out of my creative writing, layers and layers of text!