There are a few projects coming up which I hope to use the new technological learning for: the big one this week has been trying to make talking ceramics. The community maker project which I began with The British Ceramics Biennial last year continues until next year – and out focus this year is around finding out if the community want an empty pub offered by the council. More info about the pub development here. Our methods have been to use meals and making to create space for the community to get together and talk. I have a wish to this year create a set of talking tableware. So when you touch the plate you hear the voices of the community. 

Yesterday I spent the morning in the BCB studio with Dena and Jo trying out my little Arduino with a ceramic plate with a gold band (that works but not reliably) wet clay (didn’t work) and clay slip(didn’t work.) More experimentation and development needed then! I am hoping hat my mentor Ben can help me refine this, as I think technically the clay and slip should work – but the Arduino would need reprogramming to do that.