Really interesting to see that Abandon Normal Devices festival will have a section which takes place in people’s homes. I am interested in the ways that artists can work in alternative settings, and in particular in their own location – interested that it is is more usual (in my experience) to be commissioned as a stranger artist from elsewhere (especially when working in the public realm or in refer nation contexts).

My recent work with the Community Maker project explores what it means to be an artist and a resident, having no gap between the art world and home.

For AND workshops are taking place in people’s homes, and over the telephone. I have made a live work over the telephone before – a commission in the old telephone exchange building.The public called and asked for a particular number to access information about the building. The technology was not very advanced though, as it was just me and a really rubbish mobile phone.

I like the idea of a work which comes into people’s homes. Something ordinary and everyday, but also surprising and extraordinary. I wonder if something like that can be achieved with the fellowship.